Cafe Masala

When you visit Café Masala you are immediately aware that this is a restaurant that dares to be different. Quality is the paramount consideration. Top quality food, professional service, and a top quality-dining ambience combine to make Café Masala an unforgettable experience. Unique has no equal. That is what Café Masala is to customers who are overwhelmed by our ever evolving cuisine.

Café Masala is a team, providing unrivalled cuisine to discerning customers. Our experience and vision that create the ultimate in dining experience have been duly complimented by local support, press and media coverage along many awards.

At Café Masala we know the real sources from where to buy the best ingredients and the dishes served are second to none, thanks to our head chef and his team who are constantly developing new recipes. Come and share our passion for excellence in cuisine, created with you in mind. Our restaurant is at the cutting edge of the industry. We are ceaselessly raising our standard to meet the desires and aspirations of our customers.


  • 187 Broadway, Thorpe Bay, SS1 3EX
  • 01702 589494




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